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Thanks to all who braved the weather and came out to the Side Show!!

We'd like to thank everyone who made it out to the Side Show Sunday, as well as the other bands and the Side Show acts. They really put on a great show. It was a fantastic time.

And we'd like to thank everyone who has already shared their Photos and Videos with us.

We are working with the Side Show and Coney Island USA and are looking for any and all pictures and video that you are willing to share with us of the show. Including all bands, side show acts, selfies and any other shots or video you find interesting.

You can upload images to or use the QR below...

500MB Limit per upload. If you have larger files that you'd like to share, please contact us at for Google Drive or Drop Box information.

Any and all submissions of photos and videos of tonight's show will be exclusively used for future promotions and press kits in any and all video and print media formats as well as not excluding merchandise and reels that may appear on any platform that video can be shown or photos published. We will acknowledge credit to everyone wherever and whenever possible of your generous contribution to our music if we use it. This in no way excludes your rights to use your own media in whatever way you wish, however making this submission you acknowledge that you grant us full permission to use, in whole, or in portion, audio, visual or both, from its original format, in perpetuity.

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